Delaware’s Premier Recording Studio

Welcome to Backup Studios, Delaware’s premier recording studio.

Welcome to Backup Studios

To us, everything comes down to quality. Featuring state of the art equipment in one of Delaware’s cleanest and most comfortable recording spaces, Backup Studios is the First States First Choice for recording, mixing, and mastering services.

Industry Quality Engineering
Our Engineers provide not only a professional level of quality, but a personal attention to detail that’ll assure you’ll get a quality song, every time.
Air Conditioned Vocal Booth
Our state of the art vocal isolation booth, featuring a custom built, standalone air conditioning unit is amongst the best around!
World Class Atmosphere
When you come to Backup Studios, expect nothing less than a clean and comfortable vibe, certain to bring creativity in abundance.
5 Star Review
"One of the most comfortable studios I've been to"
5 Star Review
"If you're looking for a comfortable, relaxed vibe, Backup Studios has the perfect setup"
5 Star Review
"In my opinion, one of the best studios in Delaware"

Elevate your music

Recording studio services

Record your vocals with confidence in our custom built vocal isolation booth. Prepare to sound your best through our Industry Standard preamps from Universal Audio, as you listen back live in our premium Sennheiser monitoring headphones.
We pride ourselves on delivering professional quality mixes to all of our clients. Our Engineers are extremely well versed in a variety of mixing techniques and genres. No matter the tone, mood, or sound you want from your next project, Backup Studios can help you get it done!
Nowadays, it’s not enough just to record and mix. Artists need a one stop shop where they can start from scratch and leave with a song ready for release! We recognize that, which is why mastering is at the forefront of our services offered. Once mixed, your engineer will then dedicate the time to perfect the sonics of your song so it’ll sound loud and clear on all platforms!
***Room rentals for engineers available upon request***

Capture your music the way you intended

Here at Backup Studios, we’ve incorporated top of the line recording studio equipment needed to turn your music into reality.

  • Avid Pro tools, the Gold Standard of Digital Audio Workstations.
  • Antares Autotune, the sound that has defined modern hip hop, rap, and R&B
  • Vocalign 5, the Music Industry’s best kept secret for doubling vocals.
  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin X, the worlds most well known audio interface features dual preamps with plenty of gain, to properly capture even the loudest and quietest of artists.
  • A three way speaker system, composed of Adam Audio T-Series monitors, featuring a ribbon tweeters and and 8” woofers for silky high end and a bold, full midrange, followed by a JBL 10” Subwoofer providing low end boom, and an accurate look at all parts of the mix!

The Recording Process

session pics-4 2.JPG

Book a session

First step in the recording process is to book a session at our studio! Book a session here at, or contact your engineer directly! You’ll be charged a deposit according to the length of your session, followed by a confirmation text to keep you updated about your upcoming session!



Once your session begins, its time to get to work on your music! Provide your engineer with an instrumental and hop in the booth! Record with or without effects like Autotune and Compression, and use the display inside our booth to make communication with your engineer easy. Whether you come with lyrics prepared or like to be create on the spot, our engineers are prepared to accommodate you and your workflow.

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Once everything is recorded, it’s time to dive into the mix! With this time your engineer will assure that your vocals sound clean and clear, and that your song captures the correct mood. This is also the time for creative changes, like special effects and beat drops. Once all changes are finalized, its onto the master.

IMG_5266 2.heic


Time to take that finalized mix up a notch! Our expertise in mastering will assure that your music has the pop, sparkle, and dynamic range to compete on all platforms, whether its Streaming Services like Spotify and Apple Music, Radio and Television, or Social Media platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

Book a recording studio session

Come make something great

Artists who loved working with us

Here are some samples of songs from actual studio sessions at Backup Studios.


Delaware’s choice for recording studio services, just look at what our customers are saying!

“Nice, clean, atmosphere with top of the line equipment. Backup Studios owner/engineer, Zach, is always punctual and professional. He gives anyone who comes through honest feedback, and goes above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with the final product.”
Shannon P.
Wilmington, Delaware
“I went to Backup Studios and got nothing but good vibes. The Engineer was very attentive and gave helpful input during the recording process. I’ve made my best music with Backup and I won’t go anywhere else because of it. Can’t wait to go back for another session!”
Rick B.
Rick B. Wilmington, Delaware
“If you want quality and attention to detail, Backup Studios is where you want to be.
Without a doubt one of the best studios in Delaware!”
Miguel A.
Wilmington, Delaware
“One of the most comfortable studios I’ve been too. Super respectful and fire mixes! I make all my song at Backup Studios!”
Marco R.
Wilmington, Delaware
“Fire place to record, and full of good vibes. Def recommend!”
Derek A.
Newark, Delaware
“I have recorded at Backup twice. The owner Zach is great! He’s polite, professional, and skilled. He clearly cares about customer service and providing a quality product. The studio was neat, clean, and welcoming when I was there. The final product was very solid! Experience was great, and price was very competitive. He's got a great Instagram. I have before, and will continue to recommend Backup Studios. Will be booking again.”
Nick K.
Wilmington, Delaware

About The Owner

“Hey I’m Zach, Engineer and Owner here at Backup Studios. Its nice to meet you!”

I founded Backup Studios in 2021 with one goal in mind. I wanted every artist, regardless of experience level, style, or genre, to make their best song yet. That goal inspired me to do things differently.

Personalization and attention to detail are the foundation of our creative process. Regardless of the song, I can assure that when you book a session with me you’ll get nothing less than 100% of my time, attention and effort. No two songs are the same, so expect an individualized mix approach to each and every one of your projects!

Since I opened Backup Studios, one thing I’ve learned is that making each artist feel comfortable and confident in the studio is the key to great music. Because of this, you’ll find that we’ve devoted ourselves to maintaining a pristine, clean, and creatively conducive environment with some of the best equipment around. Our studio is designed for comfort, with plenty of seating, and bottled water provided to every session, we’re confident that you’ll feel right at home in your next session.

Thank you to each and every one of our customers, new and returning! Each session we do is a brand new opportunity to make your best song yet!

Hope to see you soon!


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

How much does a session cost?
Rates for artists are $40 per hour, with quantity discounts for purchases of 6+ hours!
Where are you located?
We’re located in New Castle Delaware, just minutes from the Delaware Memorial Bridge.
What is your policy on smoking?
Unfortunately, we do not allow any type of smoking inside the studio. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. Clients who wish to smoke will be offered an outdoor area to do so.
How long does it take to make a song?
Every song is different, and we recognize that! While its nearly impossible to pin down exactly how long one song takes, an average artist will spend about 1 hour recording vocals, and roughly another hour is spent on mixing and mastering. Please keep in mind that this is just a rule of thumb, and songs often take more or less time depending on the needs of the project.
Can I bring other people to my studio session?
Absolutely! Feel free to bring friends, family, or others along to your session!
What's your deposit policy?
 All recording studio sessions booked with Backup Studios LLC require a non-negotiable, non-refundable, upfront deposit of 50% in order to book. Bookings made online through our website or booking portal will require debit or credit card payment at booking. Sessions booked directly with Zach or any other Engineers via text, phone, social media DM, etc, will be given the option to pay deposit CashApp, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, or debit/credit card. Customers who book with deposit and are unable to make their session will be granted a one time option to reschedule their appointment without being charged for another deposit. Customers also have the option to pay in full up front if they choose. Sessions paid up front are still non-refundable. There are no exceptions to the deposit policy.
Are pets allowed?
There are no pets allowed at or inside Backup Studios.

Where to find us


101 Linstone Avenue
New Castle, Delaware 19720